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Vaccine Safety & Efficacy

If I am taking medication (anti-inflammatory, aspirin) or vitamins, do I need to stop taking them before my appointment?
No. Continue taking any prescribed medications or vitamins as per usual. There is no need to adjust medications prior to getting your vaccine. If you are concerned or have additional questions, please contact your healthcare provider.
The vaccine was developed so fast, is it safe?
Due to my health condition/medical history I am told I should talk to my doctor to see if I should get a vaccine, why?
Can I get another vaccine around the same time as my COVD-19 vaccine?
Why are there different types of vaccines?
How long is the COVID vaccine effective?
What happens if you only get one dose and not two? Can you mix types of vaccine in the doses?
What are the possible side effects from the vaccine?
With different types of vaccines now available, which one should I choose?
What should people who have already had a dose of AstraZeneca/Covishield vaccine do for their second dose?
I tend to get light-headed and sometimes faint when I get needles. Is this going to be a problem at my vaccine appointment?
How are vaccines approved in Canada?
Is the vaccine safe if I’m pregnant?
I have allergies, and I’ve heard people can have bad allergic reactions to this vaccine. What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction? What should I do?
Will the vaccine work if the virus mutates?
I’ve had COVID-19. Should I still get immunized?
When will we reach herd immunity through vaccination?
Does the second dose of the vaccine have to be the same brand and type as the first dose?
Will we need booster shots in the future?

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