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Immunization Cards and Immunization Records

Manitoba is now offering an immunization card for people who are fully immunized.

What is the immunization card?
Eligible Manitobans can apply for physical and / or digital immunization card. The card will include your first and last names and a QR code. When scanned, the QR code will show that you are fully vaccinated.
Why do I need to get a card?
I was vaccinated in another province / territory - how can I get my immunization card?
What if the vaccination I received is from a brand not currently approved in Canada?
Will other vaccination or health information appear on my card?
Will my information be secure on this card?
How do I remove or delete a card?
How else can I see my vaccine information?
Should I keep my card with me?
How long will I have to wait to see my COVID-19 immunization record online?
Will my family doctor have access to my COVID-19 immunization record?
How can I access the data on my card?
Is my data secure?
I was vaccinated outside Canada - how can I get my immunization card?
How do I update the address on my Manitoba health card?
Who is eligible for a card?
What happens if I lose my card?
My child was vaccinated. Will this appear on my card, or do they need their own card?
How do I protect my card?
Who is eligible to access their COVID-19 immunization record online?
How can I get a paper copy of my COVID-19 immunization record?
If I don't have a family doctor, who can I speak with if I have questions about my COVID-19 vaccine?

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