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COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation Coordination Program

For more information: call 211 or visit the website, 211 Manitoba or, Transportation Options Network for Seniors.

What is the COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation Coordination Program?
The COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation Coordination Program is an initiative that will help connect seniors and others with mobility impairments with local transportation services to help them get to vaccination sites. Seniors can call United Way’s 211 MB phone line which will then help identify and connect them to existing handi-transit services and transportation providers across the province. The COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation Coordination Program will be aligned with the current Government of Manitoba vaccination booking system.
Who is eligible to use the Vaccine Transportation Program?
Is 211 available province-wide?
Will 211 MB book transportation for clients to the vaccine site once they have their vaccination appointment booked?
Will the Vaccine Transportation Coordination Program provide a free ride to the vaccination site?
Am I guaranteed transportation through this service?
Who is offering the vaccine transportation program?
When can I call 211 MB to book a ride?
Is service available in French, or other languages?
Can I choose which transportation option I take, or is it assigned to me?
Is this service safe?
What should I do if I have to cancel or reschedule my vaccine appointment?

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